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Package Name Nar Phu Valley TrekDays
Trip Duration 19 Days
Max Altitude ANY
Package Overview Hiking in the Nar Phu Valley takes you to one of the beautiful and remote areas of Annapurna in Nepal. Nar Phu is located in the northeast valley, near Chame, in Annapurna. Nar and Phu is a different village in the valley. These two villages are called Nar Phu at once and are one day's walk from each other. Hiking in the Nar Phu Valley will allow you to discover quaint medieval villages, narrow gorges, herds of blue sheep and a spectacular cliff path, over one of the highest hiking passes in the area. This exotic land, visited by very few hikers, is still rich in medieval Tibetan culture, which has been preserved for centuries. Filled with spectacular Mountain views and beautiful alpine landscapes, to the taste of Tibet, it is probably the best-known tourist region of the Annapurna hiking routes.Nar Phu Trek explores the lifestyle of mountain dwellers, their hidden and traditional customs and cultures, their unique and wild natural beauties, many snow-covered views of the snow-capped m...

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